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Building Department

The zoning administrator, through the code enforcement officer, provides zoning permits when applicable. The Houghton County Building Department is responsible for providing building permits and inspections.

Attached is a City of Houghton Guide To Development providing the information potential developers need for building projects in the City of Houghton.

Following is information regarding the individual permits needed as well as pdf’s that can be printed for submission.

Zoning Permits

A zoning permit is required for all new construction and changes in use, new driveways, retaining walls, or hard surface walkways on property in the city limits. The zoning permit needs to be completed and forwarded to the Code Enforcement Officer:


Jeff Jepsen
Code Enforcement Officer
City of Houghton
P.O. Box 606
Houghton, MI 49931
Office: 906-483-4642
Fax: 906-482-0282

No construction or change of use can be done without an approved zoning permit.

Zoning Permit Application (PDF Format)

Right of Way Permit Application (PDF Format)


Building Permits

Building permits are issued through the Houghton County Building Department. A copy of the approved zoning permit will be required to obtain a building permit. All building permit fees will be paid to Houghton County and based on their fee structure.


Houghton County Building Department
401 E. Houghton Avenue
Houghton, MI 49931
Office: 906-482-2260
Fax: 906-482-7238


Site Plan Review

Site plan review by the Planning Commission is required for certain projects as defined below. The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Special meetings can be held if necessary. There is no fee for a site plan review. A zoning permit and building permit may still be necessary.

  • An apartment building containing three (3) or more dwelling units.
  • More than one multiple-family building on a lot, parcel or tract of land, or combination of lots under single ownership.
  • Mobile Home Park.
  • Subdivision consisting of four or more dwellings.
  • Any commercial, office, industrial, business, recreational or institutional structures/uses including any change in exterior material, landscaping, parking and new additions to buildings.
  • Any earthwork greater than 40,000 square feet.

All information regarding site plan review is contained in the zoning ordinance. If you have further questions, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 906-482-1700.

Water and Sewer Hook-up Fees:
New construction requires a water/sewer hook-up fee which is paid with the zoning application.

Residential Construction $1,900.00
Each additional meter 100.00

Commercial Construction $2,000.00
Each additional meter 100.00


Sign Permit

A sign permit must be issued prior to the installation of any sign.

The application must be completed and submitted to:

City of Houghton
P.O. Box 606
Houghton, MI 49931

The Zoning Administrator will approve all sign permits.

Sign Permit Application (PDF Format)


Special Land Use Permit

The attached application is required for a Special Land Use Permit as described in Chapter 98-630.  After the application and all pertinent information is received, the public hearing can be scheduled.

Special Land Use Permit (PDF Format)





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