West Houghton Avenue Construction Project  
  The West Houghton Avenue Improvement Project has begun. There will be water, sewer and road construction occurring on Houghton Avenue over the coming weeks. You are receiving this notice because you may be impacted by this project.
If you are in a rental house/apartment, please post this on the bulletin board or refrigerator for everyone to see.
The work is needed to replace the leaking, aging water and sewer pipes. It is going to be muddy, messy and loud at times. On the street/jobsite there will be workers from Danielson Construction (the Contractor), and City of Houghton Public Works personnel.

For everyoneís safety, please obey the traffic control signs. Please donít walk, bike or drive through a construction site. A busy construction site can be a dangerous place. The equipment operators are trained to keep track of their personnel for safety reasons, but they donít expect someone who is not supposed to be there.
Trash collection will continue as always, so put your trash out the same day you regularly would.
The work does not include electricity, gas, phone, or cable; so none of these services should be affected.
If you see a problem like a water leak, downed sign, anything that looks like it might be a problem, or if you lose water service without warning; please notify one of the workers or call Danielson Construction at 906-370-0030 (Adam Danielson) or 906-395-3692 (Eric Danielson) or City of Houghton DPW Director Ryan Avendt at 906-281-1602, John Rudak at 906-281-0459 or Mike Balma at 906-370-1785. After hours you can call 911; tell them it is a non-emergency and to notify the Houghton City Police of the situation, they will contact the right people.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the City Offices at 906-482-1700