Lakeshore Drive Project Update  
  Things on Lakeshore Drive will start to look different in the coming week!

The east end from Isle Royale Street to Franklin Square is being graded and made ready for paving. The paving is scheduled for Tuesday the 1st. The concrete crews are all but done with the new curbing and most of the sidewalks. You can see the progress at the end of every work day. There will be a lot of patching yet to do once the street itself is paved; sidewalks will be poured, lights to go up, crosswalks painted, etc.

The pipe work at the Quincy Street end should be close to done at the end of this week. The plan is to have Lakeshore Drive passable through there by the weekend of the 5th. There will still be curbs and sidewalks to do, but some semblance of traffic flow can get restored on Lakeshore Drive for the weekend.

Under the parking deck, UPPCO still has conduits to put in and Hebert will then be able to get to the sidewalks and curbs and then on to paving the road. There is a lot of work yet to do under the deck, but thankfully the bulk of the pipe work is done and the remaining work will be something we can see happening.

The last piece will be Huron Street. There are several water and sewer connections to do under the road. They won’t start that part until after Isle Royale Street and East Lakeshore Drive are back open.

There is still a bit over a month to go until the project is done. Everyone’s patience thus far has been great. Again, if you are having any issues, please call us or talk to someone in the field.