Construction Update 9/1/17  
  Thanks to everyone for being patient. Things are a bit of a mess right now, but we’re coming into the last part. Things will be looking a lot different down there as we get into September. The work is scheduled to be complete at the end of September.
This is what we know as of Thursday morning:
Quincy Street near Bridgeview Park is ready for pavement. The paving contractor is scheduled for this afternoon. Quincy/Lakeshore will remain open through paving day and only shut down for a short time to get the pavement down. The same paving will also go east under the deck to about Joey’s and west to the Quincy intersection.
Tomorrow (Friday) they plan to pave Bridgeview Park, the Waterfront Trail, and the parking lot.
Once Quincy and Lakeshore Drive are passable for traffic, the contractor will start Huron Street. This street has fewer utilities to be done so it should take less time - which should mean they are graveling it at the end of next week – provided there are no big surprises under the road.
The contractor is making as many things as possible ready for paving and sidewalks. Next week the sidewalks under the parking deck will be poured as well as around Huron Street and the Dee.
The contractor will be installing temporary lighting for parking lot #2 (between the Lakeshore Center and the Library) as the new lights are on order.
UPPCO will still be switching services and pulling wire in their new conduits. They will be working with any affected building owners separately on electrical work.
Once the power/cable/etc. switch-overs are done, they will be pulling down all of the overhead conduits and wires.
Please hang on, we’re almost there.

Eric T. Waara, P.E.
City Manager
City of Houghton
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tx: 906.482.1700